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Monday 19 March 2018
PhD at GEM-Grenoble print

In June 2012 a convention has been signed between the PhD at GEM (Grenoble) and the PhD at Istituto di Management. The objective of the agreement is to formalize, strengthen and codify existing and new collaborations between the two PhD courses.

The fields of collaborations which regard PhD students are students exchange, joint supervision of research activities and help in data collection.

With regard to students exchange, the two institutions will encourage the mobility of PhD students and professors between the two courses. The host institution will provide free access to courses and services such as internet, student office space, library, etc., to visiting students, but will not cover any expenses regarding their travel, accomodation and food. PhD students may ask the host institutions to certify that they followed and passed specific courses, according to the rules of the host institution. There is no minimum or maximum length for studentsí stay, the only conditions being that the students must be enrolled in one of the two PhD programmes. An academic advisor/tutor will be identified by the host institution, and he/she will make a short report for each exchange student. Also, a fellow PhD student from the host institution can be appointed to help the visiting students. Once a visiting student is enrolled in a course, attendance has to be compulsory. Also, the student has to comply with the regulation and organisation of the course and may have - when relevant - to complete assignments and exams.

With regard to the joint supervision of research activities, professors from the two institutions will be involved in joint supervision of PhD students and will be involved in the final discussion of dissertations, according to their competencies and institutionsí rules.