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Thursday 22 August 2019
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Academic Program

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Courses Outline XXVI cycle 2010-12 Courses Outline XXVII cycle 2011-13 Courses Outline XXVIII cycle 2012-14 Courses Outline XXIX cycle 2013-15
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Courses Outline IX cycle 2014-15

First Semester (October-December 2014)
  1. Applied statistics for social science (Chiara Seghieri) [2 credits]
  2. Scientific English for Researchers in Management (Adrian Wallwork) [3 credits]
  3. Case analysis methodologies in marketing and management (Simone Guercini) [0,5 credits]
  4. Surviving the Phd: research tools and methods (Alberto Di Minin)[2 credits]
  5. IdM Lunch Seminars 2014/15 [2 credits]
Second Semester (January-July 2015)
  1. Innovation and Technology Management (Alberto Di Minin and Andrea Piccaluga) [1,5 credits] - OPTIONAL
  2. Working with Stata (Nicola Orsini) [2,5 credits]
  3. Dinamica economico-finanziaria (Sabina Nuti and Milena Vianieri) [3,5 credits] - OPTIONAL
  4. Analisi di bilancio nelle aziende sanitarie (Milena Vianieri) [1 credit] - OPTIONAL
  5. High-Tech Business Venturing (Andrea Piccaluga and Alberto Di Minin) [4 credits]
  6. Research design, methodology and tools (Bart Van Looy)
  7. Sustainability Management (Marco Frey, Fabio Iraldo) [2,5 credits]
  8. Performance and health management (Sabina Nuti, Milena Vainieri) [3 credits]
  9. Economics and management of innovation (Fabrizio Cesaroni) [2 credits]
  10. Management Accounting for Service Innovation, Sustainability and Health Care (Lino Cinquini, Andrea Tenucci) [2 credits]
  11. Sustainable Enterprise: Strategic Value, Approaches, and Policy Outcomes (Nicole Darnall) (optional)
  12. Summer schools in research methodology at UniversitÓ della Calabria (July-September 2015) - OPTIONAL
  13. R&D Management Conference in Pisa (June 2015)
  14. Phd meeting in Volterra (July, 2015)
Third semester (September - December 2015)
  1. Disaster management and recovery: principles and practice (at GSSI-L'Aquila)
  2. International disaster management (at GSSI-L'Aquila)
  3. Recovery in post-disaster (at GSSI-L'Aquila)
  4. Technical innovation and smartness of cities and regions: the role of smart grids (at GSSI-L'Aquila)
  5. Smart communities and data management (at GSSI-L'Aquiula)
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