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Thursday 22 August 2019
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Academic Program

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Courses Outline XXVI cycle 2010-12 Courses Outline XXVII cycle 2011-13 Courses Outline XXVIII cycle 2012-14 Courses Outline XXIX cycle 2013-15
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Courses Outline VIII cycle 2013-14

First Semester (October-December 2013)
  1. Applied statistics for social science (Chiara Seghieri) [2 credits]
  2. Research design in managment (Phil Shapira) [1 credits]
  3. Business Model Innovation (Alberto Di Minin and Andrea Piccaluga) [1,5 credits] - OPTIONAL
  4. Scientific English for Researchers in Management (Adrian Wallwork) [3 credits]
  5. Economics and management of innovation (Fabrizio Cesaroni) [2 credits]
  6. Publishing and Peer Reviewing Successfully Oct 14-18th 2013, AT GEM - OPTIONAL
  7. General Econometrics (Calzolari and Otranto) - OPTIONAL
  8. Games and Decisions - OPTIONAL
  9. Industrial Organization and market failures (P. Tedeschi) - OPTIONAL
Second Semester (January-July 2014)
  1. Working with Stata (Nicola Orsini)
  2. High-Tech Business Venturing (Andrea Piccaluga and Alberto Di Minin) [3 credits]
  3. Research design, methodology and tools (Bart Van Looy)
  4. Sustainability Management (Marco Frey, Fabio Iraldo)
  5. Performance and health management (Sabina Nuti, Milena Vainieri) [3 credits]
  6. Dinamica economico-finanziaria (prof. Sabina Nuti and Dr Milena Vainieri) - OPTIONAL
  7. L'evoluzione delle logiche di budgeting nelle aziende sanitarie (Dr Milena Vainieri and prof. Sabina Nuti) - OPTIONAL
  8. Surviving the Phd: research tools and methods (Alberto Di Minin)
  9. Management Accounting for Service Innovation, Sustainability and Health Care (Lino Cinquini, Andrea Tenucci) [2 credits]
  10. Action-research: Researchers or Consultants? (Nicola Bellini)
  11. Introduction to the political economy of regional economic development: critical issues (Nicola Bellini) [1 credit] - OPTIONAL
  12. Topics in Microeconometrics (L. Magazzini) - OPTIONAL
  13. Economics of Innovation (G. Dosi) - OPTIONAL
  14. Industrial Dynamics (G. Dosi and G. Bottazzi) - OPTIONAL
  15. Summer schools in research methodology at UniversitÓ della Calabria (July-September 2014) - OPTIONAL
  16. Phd meeting in Volterra (16-17 July, 2014)
Third semester (September - December 2014)
  1. Applied statistics for social science (Chiara Seghieri)
  2. Skills and Tools for Entrepreneurship and Technology Management (Andrea Piccaluga and Alberto Di Minin)
  3. Scientific English for Researchers in Management (Adrian Wallwork)
  4. Case analysis methodologies in marketing and management (Simone Guercini)
  5. R&D Management Conference in Pisa (June 2015)
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