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Thursday 22 August 2019
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Academic Program

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Courses Outline X cycle 2015-16

First Semester (October-December 2015)
  1. Applied statistics for social science (Chiara Seghieri) [2 credits]
  2. Scientific English for Researchers in Management (Adrian Wallwork) [3 credits]
  3. High-Tech Business Venturing (Andrea Piccaluga and Alberto Di Minin) [4 credits]
  4. Research design. publishable research questions (Bart Van Looy) [1 credit]
  5. Disaster Management and Recovery (Massimo Battaglia) (2,5 credits) (only for GSSI students)
  6. Smart Communities and Territorial Management (Massimo Battaglia) (3 credits) (only for GSSI students)
  7. Case analysis methodologies in marketing and management (Simone Guercini) [0,5 credits]
  8. Management Theories (Andrea Piccaluga)[2 credits]
  9. Research methodologies in management (Alberto Di Minin, Annamaria Murante, Francesco Testa) [3 credits]
  10. Disaster management and recovery: principles and practice (at GSSI-L'Aquila)
  11. International disaster management (at GSSI-L'Aquila)
  12. Recovery in post-disaster (at GSSI-L'Aquila)
  13. Technical innovation and smartness of cities and regions: the role of smart grids (at GSSI-L'Aquila)
  14. Smart communities and data management (at GSSI-L'Aquiula)
Second Semester (January-July 2016)
  1. Working with Stata [2,5 credits]
  2. Dinamica economico-finanziaria (Sabina Nuti and Milena Vainieri) [3,5 credits] - OPTIONAL
  3. Analisi di bilancio nelle aziende sanitarie (Milena Vainieri) [1 credit] - OPTIONAL
  4. Research design, methodology and tools (Bart Van Looy)
  5. Sustainability Management (Marco Frey, Fabio Iraldo) [2,5 credits]
  6. Performance and health management (Sabina Nuti, Milena Vainieri) [3 credits]
  7. Economics and management of innovation [2 credits]
  8. Summer schools in research methodology at UniversitÓ della Calabria (July-September 2015) - OPTIONAL
  9. Phd meeting in Volterra (July, 2016)
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