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Thursday 22 August 2019
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Academic Program

Courses Outline XXII cycle 2007-09 Courses Outline XXIII cycle 2008-10 Courses Outline XXIV cycle 2009-11 Courses Outline XXV cycle 2009-11
Courses Outline XXVI cycle 2010-12 Courses Outline XXVII cycle 2011-13 Courses Outline XXVIII cycle 2012-14 Courses Outline XXIX cycle 2013-15
Courses Outline XXX cycle 2014-15 Courses Outline XXXI cycle 2015-16 Courses Outline XXXII cycle 2016-17 Courses Outline XXXIII cycle 2017-18

Courses Outline XXII cycle 2007-09

First semester (January-July 2007) -BASIC courses

  1.  Data Management and Statistical Methods (Prof. M. Francesca Romano)
  2.  Policy Analysis and Evaluation: an introduction to key concepts (Prof. Nicola Bellini)
  3.  Managerial accounting (Prof. Lino Cinquini)
  4.  Organizational Economics (Prof. Luigi Marengo)
  5.  The Management of High-Tech Start-Ups (Prof. Bart Clarysse)
  6.  Research Design (Prof. Phil Shapira)
  7. Organization Theory and Information Systems Studies (OTISS): New Perspectives and Emerging Approaches (Prof. Andrea Pontiggia)

Second semester (september-december 2007) - CROSS courses

  1.  Economics and Management of services (Prof. Guido Rey, Prof. Giuseppe Turchetti)
  2.  Performance Management (Prof. Sabina Nuti, Dott. L. Mantovani)

Third semester (January-July 2008) - SPECIALISTIC courses

  1. Topics and Research Methods in applied industrial organization (Prof. Heli Koski and Dr. Alberto Di Minin)
  2. Introduction to STATA - Dr. Nicola Orsini (course for both PhD cycles)
  3.  Health management (Prof. Sabina Nuti)
  4. High-tech marketing (Prof. Andrea Piccaluga)
  5. Technological innovation in health (Prof. Giuseppe Turchetti, Nilmini Wickramasinghe, Stuart School of Business, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago)
  6. Economics and management of insurance (Prof. Giuseppe Turchetti, Dott. Sandro Salvati)
  7. Summer School in Management Accounting Research - SSMAR (Resp. Prof. L. Cinquini)
  8. Introductory Course on Research Methods (Dr. Elisa Giuliani, University of Pisa- Course of the Faculty of Economics, University of Pisa)
  9. Implications of information asymmetries in insurance” (Prof. Luca DEIDDA, Univ. of Sassari) – module in the framework of the course on “Economics and management of insurance” (Prof. G. Turchetti)
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