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Thursday 21 June 2018
Cecilia Pasquinelli print

Education Background

  • January 2009 to date: Ph.D. candidate in Management at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Pisa
  • September 2008: MA Local and Regional Development at Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne
  • March 2007: MSc Local Sustainable Development and Management at Pisa University
  • November 2004: Bachelor in Economics and Commerce at Pisa University
  • March-April 2011: Visiting at CURDS, Newcastle University
  • January 2007 to date: Research Assistant at the Institute of Management - Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Pisa

My overall research interest is in the political economy of local and regional development. Particularly, my research is concerned with theories and policies related to local and regional innovation. In this field, my PhD research project is about place branding and focuses on cross-border collaborative branding strategies in an attempt to understand the process of emergence and development of inter-territorial brands. 


  • Pasquinelli, C., Teräs, J. Branding Peripheral Knowledge-intensive Regions. An insight into international innovation brands Forthcoming in Regional Insights.
  • Bellini, N., Pasquinelli, C. (2011). Il Brand Reticolare. Strumenti di analisi per la costruzione di un marchio di luogo. Mercati e Competitività, 3: 60-80.
  • Pasquinelli, C. (2011). Place Branding and Cooperation. Can a Network of Places be a Brand? In Pike, A. (ed.) Brands and Branding Geographies. London: Edward Elgar.
  • Pasquinelli, C. (2010). The Limits of Place Branding for Local Development: The Case of Tuscany and the Arnovalley Brand, Local Economy 25(7): 558-572.
  • Bellini, N., Loffredo, A., Pasquinelli, C. (2010). Managing Otherness. The political economy of place images in the case of Tuscany. In Kavaratzis M. and G. Ashworth (eds.) Brand Management for Cities: The theory and practice of effective place branding. London: Edward Elgar.
  • Pasquinelli, C. (2008), Place branding for Endogenous development. The case study of Tuscany and the Arnovalley brand. Final Dissertation for the MA Local and Regional Development, Newcastle University. Awarded of 2008 Professor John Burgess Goddard MA Dissertation Prize, Newcastle University, September 2008
  • Bellini, N., Pasquinelli, C. (2007). The political economy of competing regional images: the case of Tuscany’s brand, MAIN Lab, WP2007/04
  • Pasquinelli, C. (2007). The ‘third level’ for the Structural Funds programming period 2007-13. The cases of Italy and Spain. Final Dissertation for the degree in Local Sustainable Development and Management, University of Pisa.
  • Conference Papers
  • Pasquinelli, C., Teräs, J. (2011). Branding knowledge-intensive Regions. A comparative study of Pisa and Oulu high tech brands, AISRe Annual Conference, Turin (Italy).
  • Pasquinelli, C. (2011). Competition, Cooperation, Co-opetition. A Conceptualization of the Network Brand, Regional Studies Association Annual Conference, Newcastle upon Tyne (UK). 
  • Pasquinelli, C., Teräs, J. (2010). The Role of Branding in Fostering, Creating and Nurturing Knowledge-intensive Regions, Regional Studies Association Annual Conference, Pécs (Hungary).
  • Pasquinelli, C., Loffredo, A. (2009). Place Branding and Cooperation, 5th International Colloquium of the Academy of Marketing’s Brand, Corporate Identity and Reputation Special Interest Group, Cambridge (UK).
  • Pasquinelli, C. (2009). Place Branding for Endogenous Development. The Case study of Tuscany and the Arnovalley Brand, Regional Studies Association Annual Conference, Leuven (Belgium).
  • Bellini, N., Loffredo, A., Pasquinelli, C. (2008). The Political Economy of Regional Images. The case of Tuscany, International Conference “Marketing Cities: Place Branding in Perspective”, Berlin (Germany).
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