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Thursday 21 June 2018
Hao Li print

Education Background:
Since Oct. 2008: Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies for study and research in regional healthcare performance evaluation systems, focusing on Tuscan regional healthcare system and doing comparison research between China and Italy in healthcare management problems. Sep. 2007 – Oct. 2008: Chongqing University | Doctoral Student in Management Science & Engineering; Sep. 2004 – June 2006: Chongqing University | Master of Business Administration (MBA); Sep. 1997 – July 2001: Haerbin University of Science and Technology | Bachelor of Management Engineering.

Work Experience:
Nov. 2005 – Dec. 2006: Sichuan Changhong Network Technologies Co., Ltd. as European Market manager July 2001 – Sep. 2004: China Silian Instrument Group Co., Ltd. as project manager in the planning & implementation of ERP system software and international business.

Academic Activities & Publications:

  1. H. Li, The Jefferson Attitudes Towards Physician-nurse Collaboration: Some Empirical Evidence from China. (Work in Process)
  2. H. Li, Building Learning Leaders’ Team in China’s Municipal Hospital System: What Can We Learn from the Tuscan Experience? (Work in Process)
  3. H. Li, Public Hospital Governance in China: A Performance Evaluation Perspective. (Work in Process)
  4. H. Li, A. Bonini, S. Nuti, L. Cinquini. Building China’s Own Regional Healthcare Performance Evaluation System: What Can We Learn from Tuscany. 5th Nordic Conference on Health Organization and Management. January 2011, Copenhagen
  5. P. Xu, H. Li, Y. Wang. Credit Contract between Banks and Third-party Logistics Firms in Inventory Financing in China. (Submitted to an international journal)
  6. A. Mengoni, L. Cinquini, H. Li. La Sanità a Pechino. Alcune considerazioni dalle visite degli ospedali del Distretto di Haidian. 2 ottobre 2009
  7. L. Cinquini, A. Mengoni, H. Li. Assetti e Dinamiche del Sistema Sanitario Cinese: Riflessioni dalla Letteratura Internazionale ed evidenze dalla visita ad alcune strutture. Workshop. Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna di Pisa. 28 Aprile 2009
  8. L. Xu, Z.Y. Zhang, Y.L, H. Li. The Impact of Trust on the Mode of Alliance Governance: A Case Study on China Silian Goup”. Management Reviews(Accepted for publication).China (in Chinese)
  9. X.S. Li, Y.H. Si, Y. Long, H.Li. “The Impacts of Enterprise Environment upon the Implementation Results of Knowledge Management Strategies”. Modern Management Science. 2008(10).China (in Chinese)
  10. X.S. Li, Y.H. Si, H. Li. “Experiencing Consumption Model of Theme Park Construction and Its Implementation”. City Problems. 2008(7).China (in Chinese)
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