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Thursday 21 June 2018
Milena Vainieri print

In 2002 I got the degree in Business Administration at Bocconi University of Milan with a final thesis: “The evolution on the relationship among pharmaceutical enterprises and the healthcare units in the context of the new health system”. I hold a Master in Healthcare Management at the SDA Bocconi’s School of Management in 2003.
Since 2003 I have been working as a researcher in the Management and Health Laboratory of Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies of Pisa. My main project has been “The performance evaluation of the Tuscan healthcare units”.

My research interests focus on the efficiency and the management control tools of health sector.

1. S. Nuti, A. Bonini, M. Vainieri, A. Murante “A multidimensional system to evaluate performance in the maternity process: the Tuscany experience” paper presented at the ISQua, Londra – October 2006.
2. L.Cinquini, M.Vainieri, L. Marcacci, G.Tiezzi “Using ABM in managing territorial health services: the “home-care” case in Tuscan Health System.” paper presented at the EIASM, Siena – September 2006.
3. M. Vainieri “Che cosa influenza la soddisfazione dei cittadini toscani nei servizi territoriali di base?” L’indagine del laboratorio management e sanità del 2005 –Salute e Territorio, n.156 2006.
4. M. Vainieri “Neo mamme, ASL in altalena”, Il Sole 24 ore Sanità Toscana 25 aprile 2006.
5. A. Boccaccio, L. Cinquini, S. Nuti, M. Vainieri “Il confronto di performance economico-finanziarie tra aziende sanitarie: l’esperienza della Regione Toscana”- N. 54, Mecosan 2005.
6. A. Boccaccio, L. Cinquini, S. Nuti, M. Vainieri “La potenzialità della contabilità economico-patrimoniale per il confronto di performance tra aziende sanitarie: l’esperienza della Regione Toscana”, in “Il benchmarking in ambito sanitario” Padova, CEDAM, 2005.
7. S. Nuti, A. Bonini, M. Vainieri “Assistenza al parto: 9 donne su 10 promuovono i servizi regionali”, Il Sole 24 ore Sanità n.6, 2005.
8. S. Nuti, M. Vainieri, A. Bonini “Evaluating Performance in the Tuscan Health Care System” paper presentated at the 11° European Health Policy Group, Perugia - September 2005.
9. S. Nuti, L. Marcacci, M. Vainieri, E. Desideri “How patients’ experiences help institutions to improve care in oncological pathway” paper presented at the 13° Health Promoting Hospital, Dublin - May 2005.
10. C. Renzi, A. Bonini, M. Vainieri, S. Nuti “Assessment of patient satisfaction within a multidimensional performance evaluation system of the Tuscany Healthcare Authorities”, poster presented at the Health Technological Assessment International, Rome – May 2005.
11. V. Lodolo D'Oria, M. Vainieri “Devolution sanitaria, questa sconosciuta.”, AboutPharma n.5 Febbraio 2003

Presentation speech given at PhD Meeting at SIAF, 8-10 june 2008

  • The impact of health care reforms on the performance evaluation systems (download)

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