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Thursday 21 June 2018
Stefano Pogutz print

 Academic Position

  • Chair of the Business and the Environment Interfaculty Group of the CEMS – MIM  (Community of European Management Schools – Master in International Management).
  • Coordinator of the new Major in Green Management and Sustainability – MS in Management and MS in Economics and Management on Innovation and Technology
  • Tenured Researcher and Assistant Professor of Management at Bocconi University, Milan. 
  • 2008- June2012 - Director of the Bocconi University Specialized Master in Green Management, Energy and CSR 
Research Interests and Research Experience
  • His research interests are: Corporate Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmental Management, Innovation and Operation Management. He has coordinated and participated in several research project promoted by international and national agencies and organization such as: “The Labour Dimension of CSR: from principles to practice” (international research project funded by ILO); “RESPONSE - Understanding and Responding to Societal Demands on Corporate Responsibility” (international research project funded by the EU); EQUAL Community Initiative: “Ethics and SMEs. Supporting the innovation process of SMEs: Small enterprises a vector for sustainable development” (international research project funded by the EU); “Collaboration strategies as an option to foster innovation. The case of hydrogen and fuel cells technologies” (national research project funded by the Italian Minister of University and Scientific Research-Research Projects of National Interest). 
Teaching Experience
  • He has been teaching in several international business schools and universities, including: University of Cologne, ESADE Barcelona, St. Gallen University, HEC Paris, University of Granada, Louvain School of Business, Corvinus University, Cass Business School, Lund University, Rochester Institute of Technology, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Warsaw School of Economics. 
Most Recent Publications
  • Pogutz S., and Russo A., [2012], “Shaping the Fuel Cell Transport Network. An Explorative Analysis” in Nilsson M., Hillman K., Rickne A., Magnusson T., (eds), Paving the Road to Sustainable Transport: Governance and Innovation in Low-Carbon Vehicles, Routledge Studies in Ecological Economics, Routledge. 
  • Pogutz S., Tencati A. [2012], Prevenzione e innovazione per una economia della sostenibilità, EGEA, Milano, (Prevention and innovation for a sustainable economy). 
  • Marcus A., Sharma S., Shrivastava P., Pogutz S. (eds), [2011], Cross-Sector Leadership for the Green Economy. Integrating Research and Practice on Sustainable Enterprise, Palgrave Macmillan, New York. 
  • Pogutz S., Micale V., Winn M. [2011], “Corporate Environmental Sustainability Beyond Organizational Boundaries: Market Growth, Ecosystems Complexity and Supply Chain Structure as Co-Determinants of Environmental Impact”, Journal of Environmental Sustainability, 1(1).
  • Pogutz S., Micale V. [2011], “Sustainable consumption and production. An effort to reconcile the determinants of environmental impact”, Society and Economy, 33(1), April.
  • Pogutz S., Russo A., Migliavacca P [2011] "From R&D to commercialization. Shaping the entrepreneurial competences in the fuel cell emerging industry" in Wüstenhagen R., Wuebker R. (eds.), Handbook of Research on Energy Entrepreneurship, Cheltenham, Edward Elgar Publishing.
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